GoHighLevel Review: The Game-Changing Solution for Your Business

In today’s rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape, finding a powerful and efficient sales funnel builder and CRM tool can make all the difference for your business.

Enter GoHighLevel, a platform that has been gaining popularity for its impressive and extensive features.

As you explore GoHighLevel, you’ll discover how it can help automate your marketing and customer relations.

Just check out all the reviews and information available online.

 Before buying it is a great idea to make sure you understand all of GoHighLevel’s capabilities, pricing plans, and overall effectiveness.

In the following sections, you will receive an honest assessment of GoHighLevel to better inform your decision and empower your business strategies.

What Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel, often referred to as “HighLevel,” is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to streamline your marketing and sales processes.

As a comprehensive lead-generation platform, GoHighLevel equips you with a suite of robust tools and features to enhance your marketing efforts.

The platform’s goal is to help you generate leads and boost sales online by offering various functionalities. Some of these features include:

With GoHighLevel, you can manage your customer relations and automate your marketing campaigns.

The really cool aspect of this software is the fact that you can white-label the entire software to sell as your brand while keeping 100% of the profit.

Whether you are an agency owner, business owner, or an individual marketer, GoHighLevel can simplify and optimize your workflow.

The platform’s focus on automation and effective CRM tools aims to support the growth of your sales and customer base.

Core Features of GoHighLevel

Marketing Automation

GoHighLevel streamlines your marketing efforts with automation features. You can easily set up email campaigns, track lead engagement, and monitor the performance of your strategies.

The platform offers AI-driven automation tools that assist in creating personalized content for your target audience, ensuring better conversion rates.

Sales Funnels

Design impressive sales funnels with GoHighLevel’s intuitive funnel builder. You can choose from various customizable templates and adapt them to your business needs.

The platform allows you to optimize these funnels and track their performance, guiding your leads through the sales process more efficiently.

I love using the sales funnel feature, it is such an important aspect of getting leads and converting them to sales.

Email Marketing

Communicate with your contacts through tailored email campaigns. GoHighLevel provides pre-built email templates that you can modify to fit your brand’s message.

A/B testing is also available, letting you tweak and compare different variations of your campaign to optimize for better open and conversion rates.

I am really excited about email marketing, and you should be too. With one email you can help your clients out and make money.

SMS Marketing

With GoHighLevel, engage your audience via SMS marketing. The platform’s two-way texting API tool, Twilio, lets you send personalized text messages to your leads.

Combined with advanced automation capabilities, this feature provides interactive and effective communication.

This is the future, and my company has started doing it so when are you going to start?

Landing Pages

Create visually appealing and mobile-responsive landing pages with GoHighLevel’s drag-and-drop editor.

Select from a library of customizable templates to set up pages that convert visitors into leads. Easily integrate these landing pages with your email and SMS campaigns for seamless marketing efforts.

Website Builder

Design and launch professional websites without needing advanced technical skills. The GoHighLevel website builder allows you to customize templates to match your brand’s identity. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures a smooth website-building experience.

Appointment Booking

Streamline appointment scheduling with an easy-to-use booking widget. Your leads can book sessions directly from your website, landing pages, or marketing material.

Customize availability, set time slots, and sync appointments with your calendar, automating the entire booking process.

The leading booking directly is insanely awesome and efficient.

White Labeling

If you’re an agency or a freelancer, GoHighLevel offers a white-label solution that lets you present the platform’s features under your brand name.

Customize the platform’s look and feel to align with your company’s brand identity, providing a seamless experience for your clients.

Integrations and Support for GoHighLevel

As an all-in-one marketing platform, GoHighLevel offers a wide range of integrations to boost your agency’s productivity and streamline your processes. Let’s delve deeper into its integrations and the quality of customer support provided.


GoHighLevel seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems, payment gateways, and communication tools to help you manage your business efficiently. Its CRM integration allows you to keep track of leads, sales, and customers effortlessly. Some of the standout integrations include:

  • Stripe: Easily process payments with reliable Stripe integration.
  • Twilio: Communicate with clients and prospects via SMS and phone calls through the Twilio integration.

These integrations, along with many others, enable you to automate your agency’s workflow and save valuable time.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, GoHighLevel has a dedicated support team available to address your concerns and questions.

Although there might be a slight learning curve when starting with the platform, you can count on the following resources to help you adapt quickly:

  1. Their online help center, which covers a wealth of knowledge and offers solutions to common challenges.
  2. Their active community forum, where you can connect with other users and learn from their experiences.

Additionally, GoHighLevel’s support team frequently updates and improves the platform based on user feedback, ensuring that it remains effective and relevant to your agency’s needs.

Pros and Cons

As you dive into GoHighLevel’s features and offerings, here are some pros and cons to keep in mind:


  • GoHighLevel offers robust CRM features that can rival other platforms like Hubspot and Pipedrive.
  • The platform provides an all-in-one marketing solution including funnel building, email marketing automation, SMS automation, and appointment scheduling.
  • It’s an excellent choice for those looking to automate their marketing and customer relationship management efforts, saving precious time and resources.
  • Their mobile application sets them apart from their competitors, allowing users to stay connected even while on the go.
  • GoHighLevel also offers a rewarding affiliate program for users who refer others to the platform.


  • GoHighLevel may not be suitable for everyone, as it focuses primarily on marketing and customer relationship automation.
  • While the platform has an extensive list of features, some of them lack advanced options or customizability, which may be limiting for certain users.
  • As with any all-in-one tool, it might not completely replace specific tools you’re already using in your business or agency, so be prepared to evaluate which features are most important to you.

Now that you’re aware of some of the pros and cons associated with GoHighLevel, consider these factors as you explore how they may fit your marketing and CRM needs.

Pricing and Plans

When considering GoHighLevel for your marketing needs, it’s important to understand the different pricing plans available to you. The company offers three main plans, each designed to cater to different agency requirements and budgets.

The first plan is the Starter Plan, which costs $97 per month. This plan is ideal for smaller agencies or businesses that are just starting to explore advanced marketing automation features.

Next, the Unlimited Plan is priced at $297 per month. This plan offers more capacity and premium features, making it suitable for growing marketing agencies with an expanding clientele.

In addition to the standard plans, there’s a White Label Mobile App option available for an extra $497 per month ($794 total). This white-label option allows you to rebrand GoHighLevel’s software and mobile app as your own, creating a powerful and customizable marketing tool as a result.

The Ultimate Tool for Scaling Your Business!

You don’t need to commit to any plan immediately. GoHighLevel offers a 14-day free trial for you to test their platform and decide which plan suits your business best. During this trial period, you’ll get access to a wide range of features to help you make an informed choice.

In summary, the pricing and plans for GoHighLevel are as follows:

  • Agency Starter account: $97 per month
  • Agency Unlimited account: $297 per month
  • White Label Mobile App: additional $497 per month ($794 total)

Who Can Benefit from GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel is a versatile platform designed to cater to various professionals and businesses. Whether you’re operating an agency, running a local business, or creating digital products, there are several ways in which you can benefit from this platform.

If you’re an agency or marketer, GoHighLevel offers features that will make it significantly easier for you to manage and set up client accounts. You can even sell the software as your own, granting you a flexible and profitable sales model.

Moreover, it’s an ideal solution for business owners looking to improve their sales and marketing strategies. With tools like CRM Funnel Building, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Call Tracking, you’ll have access to powerful resources that can genuinely help your business thrive.

Course creators and those involved in building membership sites will find value in GoHighLevel’s Membership Website feature. This can help you effectively manage subscribers, content access, and even billing.

For those who offer digital products or operate in the SaaS mode, GoHighLevel’s automation and customer relations tools can certainly help streamline business operations and enhance customer engagement.

In summary, GoHighLevel is suitable for:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Marketers
  • Local business owners
  • Sales teams and professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Course creators
  • Membership site owners
  • Digital product vendors
  • SaaS companies

With a comprehensive range of features at your disposal, you can make use of GoHighLevel to help address your unique needs and grow your business or service offerings.

GoHighLevel vs Competitors

In this section, we’ll compare GoHighLevel with some of its top competitors to help you determine the best marketing solution for your business needs. We’ll discuss the following platforms: ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Kartra, Kajabi, and Pipedrive.

GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a popular choice for creating sales funnels and landing pages. However, while both platforms offer similar features, GoHighLevel provides a more comprehensive all-in-one CRM and digital marketing automation solution.

Key differences between the two platforms include:

  • CRM: GoHighLevel integrates with CRM functionality, allowing you to manage your leads and customers better. ClickFunnels lacks an in-built CRM system.
  • Automation: GoHighLevel has more advanced marketing automation features than ClickFunnels, allowing for better-targeted campaigns.
  • Pricing: While both platforms offer several pricing tiers, GoHighLevel tends to be more cost-effective for businesses looking for a comprehensive all-in-one solution.

GoHighLevel vs ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is primarily an email marketing tool with advanced automation features. If you’re just looking for an email marketing solution, ActiveCampaign may be a great fit. However, GoHighLevel provides more holistic marketing automation and CRM functionality.

Some key differences between the two platforms include:

  • Scope: GoHighLevel provides an all-in-one solution, while ActiveCampaign is mainly focused on email marketing automation.
  • CRM: ActiveCampaign offers a CRM, but GoHighLevel has a more complete CRM system integrated with its other features.

GoHighLevel vs HubSpot

HubSpot is a popular marketing automation and CRM platform. Both platforms are versatile, but GoHighLevel is known for its affordability and user-friendly interface.

Some key points of comparison between the two platforms include:

  • Features: Both platforms offer robust automation features, CRM, and integrations, with HubSpot having more advanced features and a larger suite of tools.
  • Pricing: GoHighLevel offers more affordable pricing options, making it a better fit for smaller businesses or those with a limited budget.

GoHighLevel vs Kartra

Kartra is another all-in-one platform specializing in sales funnels, email marketing, and CRM features. While both platforms offer similar functionalities, there are some differences to consider:

  • CRM: Both platforms offer CRM functionality, but GoHighLevel’s is considered more comprehensive and user-friendly.
  • Automation: GoHighLevel has more advanced automation features, making it easier to target and engage customers.
  • Pricing: GoHighLevel’s pricing tends to be more competitive than Kartra’s, making it a more cost-effective option for some businesses.

GoHighLevel vs Kajabi

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform designed for online course creators and membership site owners. While it shares some features with GoHighLevel, it is more specialized in its focus:

  • Focus: If your primary goal is to build and sell online courses, Kajabi might be a better fit. GoHighLevel is more versatile but doesn’t specialize in online courses.
  • Interface: Kajabi is known for its user-friendly interface, while GoHighLevel’s interface is also considered relatively easy to navigate.

GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM tool focused on sales and pipeline management. Compared to GoHighLevel’s comprehensive marketing automation features, Pipedrive is more limited in scope:

  • Functionality: Pipedrive is primarily a CRM and sales management platform, whereas GoHighLevel provides a broader range of marketing automation features.
  • Integration: While both platforms integrate with common third-party tools, GoHighLevel’s all-in-one nature may make it a more seamless choice for businesses seeking a unified solution.

Additional Tools and Services

One of the key features is the mobile app that empowers you to manage your leads and campaigns on the go.

With the app, you have access to all functionalities, enabling you to follow up with leads, automate calls, and monitor your analytics right from your phone. This capability ensures your marketing campaigns remain dynamic and responsive.

To make your client management experience seamless, GoHighLevel offers a white label mobile app that allows you to customize the platform with your branding.

Users can manage their sub-accounts, Google Ads, SMS marketing, email marketing campaigns, and call tracking effortlessly. You also have the option to create unlimited sub-accounts for different aspects of your business and clients.

AnalyticsMonitor key metrics and ROI to optimize your marketing campaigns.
Reputation ManagementKeep track of your customers’ reviews and use them to improve your online reputation.
Google My BusinessIntegrate with Google My Business to manage your local SEO and business information.
SnapshotsGet insights into your market and track opportunities through comprehensive snapshots.
Learning Materials and CoursesAccess resources, tutorials, and courses to help you maximize the platform’s potential.

Lastly, GoHighLevel’s smart lists and text messaging features allow you to create targeted campaigns, segment your audience, and communicate more effectively with prospects.

With the added functionality of voicemail capabilities, you’re well-equipped to manage all aspects of your communication channels, ultimately enhancing your lead generation efforts.


In summary, GoHighLevel stands out as a powerful all-in-one sales and marketing platform. This software offers numerous features, catering to the needs of marketing agencies and business owners alike.

By implementing GoHighLevel, you can streamline your marketing campaigns, automate lead nurturing, and improve client management.

From the information gathered, it is evident that marketing agencies, in particular, can benefit greatly from GoHighLevel’s ability to ease account management and client setup. This feature alone has helped propel the software’s growth in popularity.

Furthermore, GoHighLevel’s cost-effective pricing structure allows unlimited accounts, setting it apart from other software companies, and contributing to the potential profitability of your business.

Given the range of features and benefits detailed within the search results, it is worthwhile to consider GoHighLevel for managing and growing your business.

As with any platform, examine the specifics in relation to your unique business needs and decide if GoHighLevel is the right solution for you.

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