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Create new content, optimize existing content, create writing briefs, analyze top ranking pages, create content silos and more with Surfer.

Ready to create amazing content? That is what Surfer wants to help you with! Surfer features a variety of tools to help you create content ideas and optimize your content, so let’s dig in!

What You Can Do With The Surfer SEO Tool

The Surfer seo tool suite is filled with content improvement goodness. It offers a variety of data driven insights that you can use to improve your on page seo.

Below are each of the sections of the tool so you can better understand what it can do for you and how it can help you improve your organic traffic. .

Content Editor

The Surfer SEO content editor gives you the opportunity to create your content in their interface. You enter the main keyword you would like to target, select the best competing pages in the top ranking positions and create your content based on the Surfer’s recommendations.

As an example I entered “surfer seo tool” as my target keyword for this post.

Now you have 2 options for creating your content.

  1. enter your content in the Surfer seo tool content editor area
  2. Download the SEO browser add-on and create your content in WordPress directly.

I chose option 2! Below is a screenshot of this page with the Surfer information on the right of my content.

surfer seo WordPress add on

Audit Tool

The audit tool is perfect for optimizing content you already have. Old content that needs some improvement or for reviewing why some articles are just not ranking as high as you think they should.

Like the content editor, you will enter your target keyword and let Surfer do its thing. Once it is done you will get a page filled with ideas as to how you can improve your content.

surfer audit tool

Content Planner

The content planner is becoming one of my new favorite features. While it is still in beta as of this writing, it is delivering some great ideas. This tool helps you create content that can support your main money page or service page.

You can choose to add a keyword (I used “cyber insurance” as my example below) or a URL to help create a content plan.

As an example I want to create a page on “cyber insurance” that is my lead gen site to either sell insurance or maybe be an affiliate for an insurance company. Now, I need ideas for other content to prop up that post in the search engines to help it rank higher.

This is where Content Planner comes into play. In the image below you can see just 2 of the many ideas I was handed.

I can do a post about “data breach insurance” and “cyber extortion insurance” and link to my cyber insurance page. Each of these terms also comes with additional ideas for optimizing those posts as well.

Easy right?

content planner example surfer

SERP Analyzer

Checking out your page agains the top ranking pages for a keyword is a breeze with the SERP Analyzer. Enter your target keyword and you will be taken to a page filled with data goodness.

The results page brings a left and right column. Left is the data that is used in determining the rank of a page and the right is a graph with some additional tabs to deliver more data on keyword opportunities and competition.

surfer serp analyzer tool

The part I use the most is the audit feature which allows you to choose the most relevant pages that are outranking you and offers the exact things you can do to improve your blog post or page to outrank them.

Surfer seo’s audit section takes the following data driven information from the top ranking pages so you can compare how well you are doing against your competitors. Then you can use this data to improve page speed, page optimization, content structure or even how many words and images your are using.

  • Keyword density
  • Backlinks
  • Word count , content length and characters
  • Exact and partial keyword usage
  • Unique page elements like images, videos etc.
  • Time to first byte
  • Load time
surfer seo audit

Keyword Research

The Surfer keyword research tool can help you find keyword ideas that are related to your main keyword. For the example below I used the keyword “meta description example” and you can see the related keywords that I would want to add to my content.

Features of this tool include:

  • Estimated search volume
  • Relevance to main keyword – the higher the relevancy the more you will want to use the term
  • Option to create a new content editor or SERP analysis by clicking the 3 vertical dots
  • Ability to add keywords to clipboard to find even more opportunities
  • Review similar keywords, having same terms or questions
surfer seo keyword research

Surfer Academy

Surfer Academy is a full training that features everything you need to excel at using Surfer. Surfer is a complex tool that can do amazing things – and by watching these trainings you can maximize your efforts and SEO success.


  • If you are a new subscriber and attend at least two live training sessions you can receive a 30 day money back offer instead of the regular 7 day offer.
  • Existing subscribers can gain one NLP credit for every live webinar attended.

SEO Writing Masterclass

Surfer also came out with a fantastic writing masterclass to help you improve your copywriting skills. The course is broken out into 3 modules and features 28 videos. The modules include:

  • Content strategy and keyword research. Get a keyword research process in place that will create a plan of action for all of your website content.
  • Four phases of SEO writing. Understanding user intent, analyzing SERP results and learning how to outline your content are all covered in this module.
  • Increase wages for your content services. If writing content for income is on your plan, then this module will help you sell your services for a rate you deserve.

You do not have to be a Surfer customer to access the writing class. You can purchase access for $199.

If you are a Surfer customer you can email the team for a discount code to get free access.

Surfer SEO Review

I know the premise of this website is to not do reviews and just views, but Surfer is one tool that I use all the time and have had a lot of success with. It is part of my workflow for optimizing existing content or adding new content and I highly recommend it.

The learning curve is a bit high – and you should have a basic understanding of SEO to use it and have it be effective.

Have you given it a try? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Feel free to contact us and check out other SEO tools here.