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A robust rank tracker at an affordable price, SEO Powersuite's Rank Tracker helps you monitor your organic growth, find keyword opportunities, analyze competitors and so much more.

A View of SEO Powersuite

Take a tour with me of the SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker tool! See all it has to offer so you can decide if it is right for you.

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I have been personally using SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker for well over 7 years or so now and it is my go to rank tracker. I have tried many others over the years – even recently having signed up for SE Ranking, but I always come back to this tool.

Hopefully “the view” below will help you understand why!

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker Features

The Rank Tracker tool is broken into several sections that include:

  • Target Keywords which features rank tracking, a summary and keyword map of your targeted keywords.
  • Keyword Research where you can use a variety of tools to find keyword opportunities that you can rank for.
  • Competitor Research to find competitors that rank for similar keywords as you so you can get more ideas.
  • Domain Strength which gives you an overview of how your site is doing over a period of time and agains competitors.
  • Reports allow you to create custom reports you can share with others or just for yourself.

Below is each of the features in a bit more detail.

Target Keywords

The Target Keywords portion of the tool offers 3 tools including the ranking summary, rank tracking and keyword map.

  • Ranking Summary offers an overview report of how well you are doing in a specific time frame and against specific competitors.
  • Rank Tracking is the piece I personally use the most as it allows you to easily see how well you are progressing for your most important keywords over any period of time. The options for how you view the data is almost limitless with their customizable dashboards of data.
  • Keyword Map allows you to assign your keywords to specific pages and group your keywords so they can be easily managed.

In the screenshot below you will see the Rank Tracking screen, cool right? This is customized to my preferences so I can see the data that is most important to me.

rank tracking screen seo powersuite rank tracker

Keyword Research

This is where most of your magic will happen! There are a ton of options for being able to find keyword ideas to help you create a content strategy that will win the search results. I will outline a brief description of each below.

  • Ranking Keywords will help you find the keywords another website is ranking for and provide a variety of metrics like rank position, estimated number of searches, expected visits, competition and more
  • Keyword Gap allows you to see the keywords a competitor ranks for that you do not as well as other opportunities. You can add multiple competitors to get more data from this specific part of the tool.
  • Search Console allows you to import keywords from accounts that you have access to.
  • Keyword Planner pulls in data for a keyword you enter from the Google Ads planner so you can see data right from Google.
  • Autocomplete Tools will pull the autocomplete suggestions from search engines.
  • Related Searches are the search suggestions you often see at the bottom of a search result and you can pull these in for your main keyword.
  • Related Questions will import the suggestions for your keyword that are commonly found in the question auto complete and people also ask sections in the search results.
  • TF-IDF Explorer will reverse engineer competitors to find keywords that are related to your main keyword. This can help you add keywords and phrases to your content to give the search engines a better idea of what your content is about.
  • Keyword Combinations offers 3 tools to give you a better picture of how keywords may be used. This can include combinations of keywords to create a phrase or even misspellings of certain words.
  • Keyword Sandbox is where any keywords you find during your keyword research will land and from here you can dig deeper to track keywords.

There are many options available with most of these tools like excluding negative keywords, selecting different countries and languages and more.

Below is an example of the keyword gap tool showing what ranks for that does not. You can also see that we are tracking 2 of the keywords but not ranking for them so we have work to do.

Keyword Gap in SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

Competitor Research

The competitor research area offers 3 unique areas to help you dig into what your competitors are doing. Find who your top competitors, the keywords they rank for and even their top performing pages so you can emulate their successes.

domain competitors research seo powersuite rank tracker

Domain Competitors

Type in your URL and you will find all the competitors that are relational to your website based on the amount of overlapping keywords you are optimized for. This is also a good way to see how well you are doing with your optimization! When I enter I get the following as my competitors.

You may wonder why SEO PowerSuite is actually first since this is a web & seo agency – well, there is a post there about SEO PowerSuite that ranks very well and for a lot of keywords! But you can also see and as competitors which are more in line with what offers.

From this page you can then add a website as a competitor to monitor them in the future.

results of domain comparison in rank tracker

Topic Competitors

This section will help you find competitors that rank well for the keywords that matter to you most. So, if I wanted to see who does well for “nonprofit web design” I would enter that term and click search then I will receive a list like the one below. From here I can add a competitor to my competitor list, view their keywords and get other important metrics.

Rank tracker topic competitors screen

Top Pages

The top pages feature will show you – what else, the top pages for a website. I can enter my competitors URL and get an idea of what kind of content they are ranking the best for along with some important metrics to help me see how hard it will be to rank against them.

Top pages in SEO PowerSuite rank tracker.

Domain Strength

This section shows you an overview of the strength of your domain including basic info about the domain. backlinks, social media overview and traffic to your website. You can also choose to add competitors to the report to see how you compare.

domain strength report rank tracker seo powersuite


The reports section is a super powerful builder that allows you to customize your reports as you see fit. You can then print, store or share the report to others. There are a variety of preset templates you can use to get your report started, but then you can customize the report to make it your own by adding or removing sections.

seo powersuite rank tracker reporting

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker Costs

Looking for a free rank tracking tool? Well, you will be happy to know that SEO PowerSuite does offer a free version of their popular keyword ranking tool. Of course there are limitations, but all in all – it is still a great way to see your ranking at a glance for free.

All of the license types offer the following:

  • Keyword suggestions from a variety of resources
  • Search volume
  • Competing sites for keywords
  • KEI – keyword efficiency index) metric for competitiveness
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Google analytics data for keywords you rank for
  • Not provided traffic estimates
  • Rankings for over 346 search engines
  • Competitor rankings
  • Geo specific rank
  • Notice when wrong page ranks for a keyword
  • Scan depth control
  • If multiple pages rank it will show all ranking pages


Free package includes all of what is on the left but data is limited and you cannot save your projects so no historical data can be viewed.

Professional package is $149 per year for all of what is listed as well as historical data and storage of your projects. This options is best for website owners who need ongoing tracking and data

Enterprise package is $349 per year for all of what is listed as well as additional historical data and storage of your projects and exporting of data. This option is best for SEO agencies.

sample dahsboard rank tracker from link assistant

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Give Rank Tracker a spin today! Basic plan is free and gives you all you need to start tracking keywords and more.

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