Pro Rank Tracker

Helps find long tail keywords you might be missing.

Pro Rank Tracker is a keyword rank tracker for businesses of all sizes. It has many features to help you know exactly where you are at any time in the SERPs.

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Starts at $13.50/month

Getting Started With Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is an affordable keyword tracker that does not hold back on features.

They do offer a 30 day trial for up to 100 keywords so there is no reason to not to give it a try and see how you like it.

Pro Rank Tracker Features

Pro Rank Tracker offers a lot of features to help you really understand how well your website is doing in the SERPs. Let’s talk about what you can track first.

  • Google – of course they will track all of your keywords in the Google SERPs. They can show your results in all different countries, videos, maps, and you can see up to 100 of the SERP results so you can see who is ranking.
  • YouTube – you can also track your video rank on YouTube by location or language
  • Yahoo – track your keyword position on all Yahoo sites
  • Bing – track all of your keywords on Bing sites
  • Amazon – keep track of your listings on all Amazon websites

So, now you know where they can track, let’s talk about the other powerful features they offer.

  • Choose daily updates or on-demand updates (based on your level of plan)
  • Ranking discovery tool to find keywords you may not know you rank for
  • Advanced reporting
  • View keyword search volume from Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon
  • Keyword suggestions
  • View up to 100 SERP results to analyze competition
  • Historical rankings to understand how things are moving around
  • Mobile app available for you obsesses people who need to know your rank at all times!

Pro Rank Tracker Pricing

One of the biggest issues with most rank trackers is that they are expensive! And because you are usually paying by the number of keywords being tracked, it can get expensive for big websites. Pro Rank Tracker is one of the most affordable options I have seen – especially for the amount of features it offers.

SERProbot is probably the most affordable rank tracker out there, but they are limited in the features it offers.

Pro Rank Tracker pricing starts at $13.50 per month for 100 keywords and goes up from there.

Here is a summary of their packages:

  • Starter Level is perfect for most bloggers and small website owners. It allows up to 750 keywords to be tracked for a total cost of $69/month. Or you can do as little as 100 keywords a month for $13.50. This level includes local and mobile tracking, full SERP reports, and daily updates.
  • Pro Level is great for consultants and SEO pros who work with clients or who have multiple websites they want to track for. It starts at $89/month for 1.000 keywords and goes up to $149/month for 2,500 keywords.
  • Agency Level is best for agencies and starts at $180 per month for 3,000 tracked keywords.

Pay in advance and you can save 20% off the above pricing!

Pro Rank Tracker Trial

Pro Rank Tracker offers you the opportunity to track 100 keywords for free for 30 days. This includes daily rank updates and all premium features, with no credit card required. After the 30 day trial you can continue to track 20 keywords, but with limited features.