Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an affordable keyword research tool that pulls data from Google Keyword Planner to deliver keyword ideas and metrics. Works with a large number of websites to help you find keyword opportunities wherever you like to search.

Have you dreamed of a keyword research tool that is affordable and easy to use? Well, you just found it with Keywords Everywhere. This Keywords Everywhere review will cover all the features it offers and features a video walk-through so you can see it in action.

What Is Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere is an affordable, easy-to-use browser add-on that can show you keyword ideas no matter where you are. Whether you are a Pinterest lover, Etsy seller, or want to see it in the Google search results – find keyword ideas and metrics wherever you hang out the most.

How Much Does It Cost?

Unlike many other SEO tools, there is no monthly fee.

Keywords Everywhere offer credits that you can purchase in bulk. The smallest package is just $10 and comes with 100,000 credits.

Each credit you use is for one keyword. You can get the volume, trend data, volume, and CPC for each keyword.

Credits expire after one year, so it is important to make sure you only purchase what you can use in a year.

If you are not careful with using the add-on, you will waste credits, so it is crucial to understand how they allocate credits.

Let’s run through a quick example of how credits can be burned.

You do a keyword search in Google and have Related Keywords, and People Also Ask widgets set to show keywords. Related keywords might show 18 keywords, and People Also Ask shows 4 keywords. The total credits used will be 1 for the original keyword + 18 for the related keywords + 4 for the People Also, Ask for 23 total credits used.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand how credits are used. Keywords Everywhere offers a great guide on conserving credits, it is a must-read before you get started!

Turn off the Keywords Everywhere add-on when you are not doing keyword research to save credits.

Installing Keywords Everywhere

  1. Install Add-On. Because it is a browser add-on and not a typical SEO tool, you will need to install the browser add-on to use it. It is currently available for Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Request API Key. Once installed, you need to request an API Key that will be emailed to you. That API key will then need to be entered in the settings area in the browser add-on. (see image below)
  3. Purchase Credits. There is a free option, but it offers minimal options. Packages start at $10 for 100,000 credits and are worth every penny.
where to enter API key in keywords everywhere
Click settings in browser add-on and fine API key field to enter API key.

Keywords Everywhere Features

When you install Keywords Everywhere, everything happens in the add-on. Below are the features are shown in the dropdown when you click the icon.

  • Stats. Shows your data usage and credits left
  • Invoices. View purchases
  • Contact. Email the developers
  • Settings. Control how you use the tool and customize it for your preferences
  • Bulk Keywords Data. Import keywords to get metrics
  • Analyze Page Content. Delivers keywords, metrics, and other data of a website page you are on
  • Bulk Trends Data. Upload keywords to get search trends
  • Competitor Gap Analysis. Find what a competitor is ranking for that you are not
  • My Favorite Keywords. Click a star next to any keyword anywhere to add it to your favorite keywords list
  • Organic Ranking Keywords. Find keywords ranking for a domain or for a specific URL
  • Bulk Traffic Metrics. Find traffic metrics for multiple URLs or domains
  • Get Top Ranking Pages. See the pages on a domain that have the best rankings

Keywords Everywhere Settings

Planning your settings is essential to keep your credit usage in check! Before you run any search, you should consider where you need Keywords Everywhere to work.

I only use it on Google Search and in Google Search Console. When I am not in keyword research mode, I turn it off completely.

These are the websites that the add-on works with:

  • Google Search
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • YouTube
  • Bing Search
  • Yahoo Search
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Soovle
  • Answer the Public
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

The first step is to go into settings in the add-on and deactivate any websites you do not need.

From the Google Search, some widgets appear in the sidebar. Remove any widgets that do not seem to offer the insight you need.

I currently use Related, Trending, and Long-Tail widgets. I turned off the PASF widget as I found a lot of duplicate terms with the Related widget. The fewer widgets active, the fewer credits you use.

widgets for keywords everywhere google search

There are also some miscellaneous settings and metric filtering options to help you customize your user experience.

How To Use Keywords Everywhere

Let’s take a quick look at the different features Keywords Everywhere offers.

Bulk Keywords Data Tool

I have not used this tool, but it would be a great option if you are looking for keyword data for many keywords. Upload a CSV file or manually enter them, and Keywords Everywhere will deliver the metrics for each one.

Analyze Page Content

Head to a competitor’s page, click the analyze page content option and get ready for data overload.

The analysis will include the terms a website ranks for and the option to filter the data in many ways. It also lets you know where terms are being used; for example, it may be used in an H1 or H2. This would signal that you might want to include it as well. in those areas.

I recommend going right to those five-word phrases to see what opportunities exist for content you may rank quickly for.

analyze page content keywords everywhere

Competitor Gap Analysis

Some call it snooping; I call it brilliant. Doing a competitor gap analysis is one of the best ways to find content ideas and keep up with what other websites are up to. The Keywords Everywhere gap analysis tool is a first-step to finding content you might be missing that others are creating content around.

When you click the tool, enter the first few letters of your domain until you see it come up in the dropdown, then click it to select. If your website does not appear, it means your site is too new or does not rank for many keywords.

Do the same for the competitor you want to compare against.

gap analysis in keywords everywhere

Once you click find keywords for my website, you will see a list of the keywords the competing website ranks for that you do not. Now, you can get started on creating even better content than your competition and beat them.

keywords everywhere gap analysis

Bulk Trends Data

Are you interested in getting the search trends for a lot of keywords? The bulk trends data tool can help with that. Import or enter keywords into that field, select a duration of time, and source and get all the trends data for every keyword you need.

My Favorite Keywords

Keywords Everywhere makes it easy to track keywords you may want to consider with their favorite keywords feature. No matter where you are, when you see a keyword you want to remember you can click the star and add it to your list.

my favorite keywords feature keywords everywhere

Get Top Ranking Pages

Want to know what pages are the most popular on a website? The get top ranking pages tool does just that. Go to the website you want to snoop on, click the get top ranking pages feature in the add-on and get a report with the pages and some metrics.

In the example below we see estimates for traffic and total keywords.

As I noted earlier in this article – these are ESTIMATES only and not accurate. This site gets a lot more traffic than what is shown here. It also ranks for a lot more keywords.

top pages keywords everywhere tool

Organic Ranking Keywords

This tool can be used to find the keywords that are ranking for a specific URL, or for the whole domain.

Use the Organic Ranking Keywords (URL) option to find keywords for a specific URL. Use Organic Ranking Keywords (Domain) to find keywords for the entire domain.

The sample below is for a specific URL. We can see the keywords the page is ranking for and all the metrics from Google Keywords Planner.

top keywords for url keywords everywhere

Bulk Traffic Metrics

Bulk traffic metrics allow you to upload a list of URLs or domains to check statistics for. The report will give you estimated traffic per month as estimated total keywords the page or domain ranks for.

Use the URL-specific version if you want to compare particular URLs. Use the domain version of the tool if you’re going to compare entire domains.

Again, these are estimates only. This is not actual traffic or keywords the websites rank for. Both sites have a lot more traffic and ranking keywords. But, does get more traffic than so it is a good way to get an idea of where you may be amongst your competitors.

traffic metrics from keywords  everywhere

Looking for another affordable keyword research tool? Check out Keyword Chef!

Keywords Everywhere With Pinterest

When using Keywords everywhere on Pinterest, you will get information on the primary search term and options for related keywords. In some instances, it will also pull in search trend data.

  • The search insights widget is an excellent way to analyze what pages and pinners are most effective for the term.
  • Related trends offer options for other relevant keywords you can use to create content or optimize existing Pinterest content.
  • Below the search box is the estimated search volume and CPC data

The “find topic ideas” link will take you into Keywords Everywhere to dig further to find other related keywords.

pinterest keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere With Google Search Console

I use Keywords Everywhere in Google Search Console so I can get an idea of what keywords I should be investing time in. If I see a keyword where I am ranking in position 5-10, and the search volume that Keywords Everywhere is showing is high – I know that I need to invest time to improve my content!

Below is how the data will look when you have it activated. You will see 4 new columns to the left of the search console data.

keywords everywhere in google search console


They offer a 48-hour refund request period, but their terms state they can decline the request. This protects them from those who make a purchase, use a lot of credits, and then request a refund. If you purchase credits and only use a few credits, chances are you will receive a refund.

Final Thoughts

Keywords Everywhere is a part of my arsenal of tools.

I love it – and have used it for years to grab new ideas when I am on the hunt. For the price, it offers so much value! My favorite use is in Google Search Console when I am trying to find some quick wins worth going after.

For the price, it is an excellent option for those on a budget – just starting, or even for experienced SEOs looking for an easy keyword research tool. The data, just like all tools, are estimates – and are in no way exact numbers. But, the data is valuable enough to help make educated guesses!

If you are using Keywords Everywhere – do tell! Would love to know what you think .