Keyword Insights AI

Keyword Insights helps you cluster keywords and create content based on user intent.

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Keyword Insights uses natural linguistic processing and data from the top ranking SERP pages to help you create keyword clusters to improve your rank. Not only does it group the content for you – it will help you with user intent and recommend whether a page needs to be broken into multiple pages.

Keyword Insights Features

Below are the three core components of Keyword Insights.

  • Keyword clustering offers you suggestions for how to create clusters based on the keywords you upload
  • Keyword intent/context uses the live SERP results to deliver the intent of keywords and offers you insight into how you should create your content – from product pages to long form informational pages.
  • Keyword ranking gives you a glimpse of where you currently rank for a term and the page you rank for. If you rank you will also get optimization suggestions to improve positioning.

Keyword Insights Benefits

  • Ranking for keywords delivered for the keywords you upload.
  • Improve your PPC advertising with improved keyword targeting
  • Find cannibalization issues
  • Understand when your content should be broken out into multiple posts.
  • Get a better idea of user intent of keywords
  • Create better topical clusters
  • Improve internal linking
  • Helps with site architecture planning

Keyword Insights Is Not A Keyword Research Tool

It is important to note that Keyword Insights is not a keyword research tool, but a keyword mapping and intent tool!

You will need to use a keyword research tool to find the keywords and then you can import them into Keyword Insights to have it work its magic.