Keyword Hero

There is nothing more frustrating than using Google Analytics to analyze your website data only to be shown the dreaded (not provided).

keyword hero finds not provided results

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Starts at $9/month

What Does Keyword Hero Do?

Keyword Hero is a tool that will replace the (not provided) keyword with the actual keywords your website is getting traffic for in Google Analytics.

You can use Google Search Console to get those keywords, or you can use a tool like this one. The difference between these two options is that Keyword Hero can actually not only deliver those missing keywords but the session metrics that go with them like bounce rate, sessions, etc.

Having access to these keywords will help you understand what is working or not working for your website. You can find more terms driving conversions or events and improve your content based on those results.

Other Keyword Hero Features

While showing the not provided keywords is what they are known for, there are a couple of other cool things the tool can do.

  • Custom Dimension Date
  • Custom Dimension Position
  • Custom Dimension Brand
  • Custom Metric Average Position
  • Custom Metric Impressions
  • Brand vs Non-Brand Keywords

Keyword Hero Pricing

Keyword Hero is incredibly affordable for websites of all sizes.

  • Free option for up to 2,000 sessions
  • Big hero plan is $9.00 per month for up to 10,000 sessions
  • Giant hero is $49.00 per month for up to 50,000 sessions
  • Ultimate hero is $149.00 per month for up to 250,000 sessions

Setting Up Keyword Hero

Set-up is super simple! Just create your account and integrate Google Analytics and Search Console. Choose your destination view and watch the magic happen.