Diib is a platform that offers website data to help you grow your website with actionable items and tools.

Diib offers even the least technical website owners a list of ways they can improve their SEO, Social, Mobile and visitor experiences based on real data it gets from your website.

What Is Diib?

Diib started back in 2012 and is an AI based platform that tells websites owners what they need to do to their website to make it better. The tool will runa scan of your website and provide a growth plan for you.

Signing up requires you inputting your data and then syncing your website with the various channels that are available like Facebook and Google Analytics.

Diib Dashboard

The Diib dashboard is pretty intuitive and user friendly. You will get a Daily Health Score that shows the success you are having based on the Diib projections. The one thing I did see that I would not put too much stock in is the annual growth opportunities estimate since I put in I only make a few dollars a month and it gave me this crazy amount as seen below.

diib health dashboard

Other areas in the platform include:

Objectives show where you can use improvements and what the potential of those values may be.

Alerts are a signal to the things that can really impact your SEO like backlinks – this is one of my favorite parts of the tool.

SEO reporting is an area that shows an analysis of your ranking keywords, backlinks and search indexing and give you an at a glance look of how you are doing.

Social analytics reporting will provide you an overview of your Facebook pages insights in the platform. While the data can be seen in Facebook – Diib reports it in a really easy way way to give you a better visual.

Email Updates

Each week you will get an email with updates about how well your website is doing, but you will also get an email if there is an issue they find that you should know about. There has been some who received emails right after a major update with details about ranking drops that happened. That is a really good thing to have!

Diib Pricing

There is a free subscription available, but if of course it has limited features.

The monthly price is $29.99 a month, which is the plan I used to do this video.

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