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AlsoAsked is an affordable keyword research tool that can help you find keyword opportunities based on questions people ask about your topic.


✔️ Affordable
✔️ Offers unique data around topical searches
✔️ Easy to use

What Is AlsoAsked?

AlsoAsked is a tool that will help you find keyword opportunities around your niche from the People Also Ask data in the Google search results. This can help you find ways to improve existing content or ideas for new content.

Not only do they deliver that data to you, but they provide it in a clear format that allows you to easily see how the topics are connected. This is a critical asset for creating topically relevant content!

AlsoAsked Dashboard

The dashboard is super clean and easy to use.

alsoasked account dashboard

Using AlsoAsked

So, let’s do a test run and see what we get! I ran a test around the keyword “how to travel cheap“, so if you are a travel blogger, take notes!

I selected English, United States, and standard search depth as my options (they have a feature called deep search too for higher-level plans). There are many language and country options so if you are international this tool should have what you need!

Once I clicked search I was provided with the image you see below, which is all the data around my search that people are asking.

Now the fun begins – analyzing what we are looking at!

From here I can quickly get ideas for different topics related to cheap travel. Below is a summary of what I might take from these results – the main topical post will be the post we would love to rank for, but may be a little more competitive. The sub-topics are posts that are closely semantically related to the main topic, may rank quicker because they are less competitive, and can boost up the main topic through internal linking.

MAIN TOPIC: HOW TO TRAVEL CHEAP – I might have a main topical page that focuses on the term “how to travel cheap” which might be a more competitive term so may not rank well quickly depending on your website authority.

SUB TOPIC: IS TRAIN TRAVEL CHEAPER THAN FLYING – This post can include comparisons of trains versus airfare for popular locations, why the train may or not be cheaper, and when which is better. This post can also be replicated into several other posts to create content for “is driving cheaper than flying” or even branch out to topics like “is a hotel cheaper than an airbnb”.

SUB TOPIC: HOW CAN I TRAVEL FOR FREE? – You can create content around opportunities where people can travel for free. Maybe winning a content, or for a type of career, or any special deals that make it almost free.

So, you can already pull a few “cluster” topics that will help build your authority just from this little bit of data.

alsoasked results

But wait, there’s more! Each of those blue buttons allows you to dig a bit deeper. So, when I click on the “what is the cheapest way of traveling” button, I am then provided the following.

Now we have more ideas either for writing new content or even for content outlines to create amazing posts.

For example, I can easily see a new post with the “what is the cheapest way to travel the US”. Then we can use “is it cheaper to fly or drive cross-country”, “how do you cross-country without flying”, and “how expensive is it to travel across the country” as headings in our new post.

Then there is another post about “what is the cheapest way to get across the country”. While you might think that is similar, it is in fact a very different intent. This one is about moving across the country, the above term is about traveling across the country.

Now, you can even click each of these blue buttons to get even deeper.

Can anyone say rabbit hole?

deeper alsoasked results

The beauty of all of this data is that it is sorted in a way that allows you to easily cluster topics, which today is everything when it comes to creating content and gaining authority!

AlsoAsked Features

Different plans have different features, but some of the others include:

  1. Upload a CSV of keywords
  2. Search by keyword
  3. Search by country
  4. Choose a language
  5. Choose standard or deep search (uses additional credits)
  6. Export to PNG
  7. Export to CSV

The system is set to save each report and it caches it, so you can review the report without spending any credits.

But, you do have the option to clear the cache for the report to get the latest data.

Deep Search

Deep search is an optional search type available in higher plans and delivers a larger hierarchy of topics. It does cost an additional 4 credits to run a deep search, but the additional levels of questions you receive are worth it. I only have the lowest level plan so cannot offer a screenshot, but you can learn more here.

AlsoAsked Pricing

The pricing for AlsoAsked is incredibly affordable. The lowest plan is $15 per month and includes 100 searches, which is plenty for most bloggers and small websites.

There is also a $29 and $59 plan that offers additional features and more searches. Enterprise-level plans are also available on request.