DIY Website Audit

The first of its kind that will be a separate item you can purchase, or receive it as part of the SEO Training package!

A DIY Website audit that will come complete with videos to help you do the audit and show you common fixes for issues you find.*

DIY Website Audit Features:

  • Broken down into sections so you can easily tackle one group of tasks at a time.
  • Columns to show the difficulty to fix an issue and the impact it has on your overall site health.
  • Tools you can use to run the audit tests, with a focus on free tools to keep costs low.
  • A column for you to note issues you find.
  • Links to pages and videos where you can find information for fixing the issues.
  • Popup details to give you more information about why the element may be harmful to your website.
  • Videos to help you learn how to run the tests you need to do.
  • A private FB group to ask questions and get help or feedback.

*Fixes will largely be dependent on your hosting environment and the way your website was built.

diy website audit example