9 Posts On Blogging You Really Should Read Immediately

Being a blogger in a niche full of brilliant bloggers I constantly run into posts that I wish I’d written.

But I can’t now.

Because someone else already did.

But I need to get you this useful info one way or another.

So what can I do?..

Enter Link Round Up

I’m going to be doing my link round ups a little differently. I realize most bloggers do them once a week on a certain day, but I’m going to be doing a round up whenever I feel that I’ve run into enough exceptional posts to make a round up out of. This will most likely be twice a month. Sometimes even less.

So naturally, because I won’t be posting these round ups weekly, not all the links will be from this week. But I will try and keep them recent.

If you think your post belongs in the next round up, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to check it out.

Random Roundup One

1.How To Build Your Presence With Reverse Guest Posting – An insightful look into traffic generation on the flip side of guest posting by Peter Attia at Cucumber Nebula. Sure, you should still guest post whenever you can but allowing bloggers to guest post for your blog that can also raise a lot traffic. But doing this efficiently is a process that involves using tools from Followerwonk to BuzzStream.

2.150,000 Monthly Page Views and No Backlink Building – Pretty ridiculous achievement by Lisa Irby at 2CreateWebsite. 150,000 page views from Google with absolutely no backlink building.  Most people who hate SEO, hate it because they need to constantly build backlinks. Turns out that this not the case.

3.WordPress Security: How To Get Your WordPress Blog Hacked – Brilliant post by Ehsan Ullah at Guide and News. Your WordPress site isn’t as safe as you think. Simply using your default Admin account can make you vulnerable. Save yourself a lot of headache by taking a few simple precautionary steps.

4.How To Use Twitter To Your Advantage – A post by Adrienne Smith that you just can’t stop reading once you start. This post is about her journey from being able to barely get anyone from Twitter to her blog to getting a Twitter reach of over 5,000,000. An incredible journey to say the least.

5.How I Went From ZERO to 19,828 Visitors In 3 Months Flat! – A case study by Ti Roberts that’s been all over the internet. If you haven’t read this already, then you have missed out on an epic post.  Perhaps one of the most detailed posts I’ve seen so far. This post is a real world, step by step break down of how get from point A to point B. It doesn’t get any easier to follow advice than this.

6.6 Simple Farming Concepts That Apply To Blogging – A very interesting read by D. Dixon at 1 Singular Sensation. Solid concepts to follow and keep in mind when you are blogging. Some of these are all too often forgotten by bloggers.

7.Infographic: 2012 Social Media Statistics and Facts – An interesting compilation of data put into an infographic by Terrance Charles. How often do links about sex get shared? How many blogs does a professional blogger manage on average? How many people suffer from Facebook Addiction Syndrome? Who doesn’t like infographics?

8.How To Get Back On Track – Procrastinate much? Theodore Nwangene at Top Blogging Coach breaks down how to get yourself to work and get stuff done. Get work done even when you don’t feel like it. It’s much better than the one I wrote on procrastination and motivation way back in the day.

9.A Link Building Strategy That Will Benefit You – The title says it all. This is post is by Kevin Ocasio at KOmarketer. You don’t have to be a huge SEO fan to benefit from this post.

What’d you think of these posts?  

Jill Caren
Jill Caren is the owner of ZenSpill, and is a part-time blogger who also works full time as an SEO Manager for Stratabeat, a digital marketing agency. Jill has been an SEO professional for over 15 years and has successfully built, sold, and flipped many websites over the years. Her passion is in making SEO easy to understand and showcasing different SEO tools to make SEO more manageable. Connect with her on LinkedIn!